International Immersion Programme

At the Volkswagen factory after a session on the manufacturing process of the cars

To the land of Mickey Mouse - Disneyland

IIMV students at the Baosteel factory

Students presenting mementos to the NEDO staff after insightful presentations from both parties

Students at the DMG MORI, Germany's largest manufacturers of cutting machine tools

Visit to the Sensō-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

IIM Visakhapatnam students at the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce

Visit to Daishin Seiki, an SME of Japan

At the Indian Consulate’s office in China

Students with the Lenovo officials outside the factory

At the Japanese Railways East Headquarters - the makers of the Shinkansen

A student presenting a memento to the official of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Tokyo Stock Exchange welcomes students of IIMV

Visit to the Coca-Cola bottling plant


The International Immersion Programme in PGP is designed to provide students with insights into the economic, social and cultural spheres of emerging economies. As a part of the ‘Business Planning and International Markets’ elective course in the second year of the programme, students attend lectures with specific focus on business and industry. In addition, during their study visit to China/Japan, they familiarize themselves with local challenges and opportunities. Students get the chance to choose the country. The visit will be organized during the Term Break for seven days in September 2016. It is fully funded by the institute. This visit also includes interaction with academia and industry, visit to historical sites and other academics-related activities. After returning from the visit, each student is required to submit a report and make presentation on key learnings.

International Immersion Program (PGP 2016 - 2018):

The course 'Business Planning in International Markets' intends at understanding the various aspects of operating a business in a foreign market. As a part of this course, the students visited Dubai/China during their fourth term break.

Volkswagen, Lenovo, Coco-Cola, Bao Steel were few of the companies visited by the people who chose China where they acquired first-hand knowledge from various industry experts.

The students who opted for Dubai had an opportunity to interact with the top management of companies including Ericcson, UK Steel Trading Company, Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Apparel Group, Al Kabeer Foods and the University of Wollongong in Dubai.

Arun Kartik, one of the students who visited Dubai tells about the visit:

“This course ‘Business Planning in International Markets' aims at understanding the market conditions, regulations, competitive and locational advantages of a foreign country. We were given an option of choosing Dubai or China for this mandatory course. And why would anyone think of missing such a college sponsored trip? Accordingly, a part of the batch chose China while the others went to Dubai. I, having chosen Dubai, will try to summarize the takeaways of the program.

Meetings were scheduled at different slots by our faculties with the top management of various organizations and institutes. Ericsson, DAFZA (Dubai Airport Freezone), Raw Trade International, University of Wollongong in Dubai, IMT Dubai, UK Steel Trading Company, Apparel Group, Al Kabeer Foods were a few to name.

The Director and the PR personnel of the DAFZA threw light on how the freezones work and how they are different from the other freezones at Dubai. We were also told about the shifting focus of Dubai towards sustainable revenue sources, reducing their dependence on oil and how the World Expo 2020 would help them achieve it. This six-month long exposition could be the game-changer, which Dubai is looking forward to.

On the financial side, Mr. Krishna Dhanak from Aphen Holdings took us through the Islamic Banking and the size of banking activities that occur in the GCC countries. Having visited the knowledge village and the Academic city we got a picture of various academic institutions present and the kind of courses they offer. The Dean of Business Administration of University of Wollongong at Dubai, even explained to us the practicality of starting a business in that part of the world. The other companies visited were from the industries of Retailing, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Technology covering the whole spectrum of markets in Dubai. With this understanding, it is now upon us to come up with a business plan tailor made for Dubai (GCC).

Well, the trip didn’t end here. How could one return from Dubai without visiting the Burj Khalifa? This towering wonder could serve as a compass for those getting lost in the vast city. From buzzing through the 240 kmph roller-coaster in Ferrari World to witnessing the locals perform to Arabic music in the middle of the desert, this was a trip to remember for every one of us. Thanks to IIM Visakhapatnam and its faculties for facilitating such a course.”